MobiDataLab is the EU-funded lab for prototyping new mobility data sharing solutions. Our aim is to foster data sharing in the transport sector, providing mobility organising authorities with recommendations on how to improve the value of their data, contributing to the development of open tools in the cloud, and organising hackathons aiming to find innovative solutions to concrete mobility problems.


Knowledge Base

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Web-based tool for searching, querying a large set of resources linked to challenges and emerging principles for data sharing.

Cloud-based prototype platform for sharing transport data, accessible to all mobility actors involved in B2B and B2G models.

Open innovation ecosystem for an effective improvement in the culture of data sharing.

Living labs: actors in the territorial context of our referring stakeholders (cities, regions, and transport operators).

Virtual labs: remote gatherings of actors who do not travel.

Latest News

  • 19 Jan 2024 | Latest News 

    ARTIFICIENT: MobiDataLab Hackathon Winners demonstrate how data can help mobility in Leuven

    MobiDataLab partner Hove interviewd the winners of the Septemerb Hackathon to get hints of the Living lab backends. Curious about who has taken the 5000€ award? Wondering what their magic solution consists in? Everything is here.
  • 18 Jan 2024 | Latest News 

    MobiDataLab Codagon recap: innovative competition delivers innovative innovation!

    The MobiDataLab codagon successfully ended with the award ceremony in Leuven on November 27. Read all about this long, rich, and fruitful process in this article. And of course find out all about... the winners!
  • 04 Jan 2024 | Latest News 

    A great legacy: MobiDataLab successfully bowes out at the final conference in Leuven

    Getting closer to the project closing, MobiDataLab held a final conference to showcase the project results and foster dialogue for the future of mobility data sharing. Read all about it in this article!
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