Join the MobidataLab Codagon in November 2023 to program the solutions developed in previous MobiDataLab x-athons and bring urban mobility improvement through data sharing to reality!

The coding phase is the last step of the MobiDataLab innovation adventure. After the exploitation of mobility data to make it usable for new and better services development in the datathon, and the creation of digital solutions to help cities solve concrete mobility challenges in the hackathon, programing will finally implement the innovations, concretely providing outcomes which will improve urban mobility with the support of data.

Programmers will be the main target of this event. But both data scientists and solution developers who participated in the datathon and the hackathon are warmly invited to join. Do not miss the final step to show mobility data sharing will change urban transport!  

Where and When?

Leuven, November 27 and 28, 2023.

Who can participate?

  • Programmers
  • SMEs
  • Data scientists
  • Researchers
  • Independent experts
  • Technological solution & software engineers
  • Start-ups

Interested stakeholders: to be announced


The codagon will allow data exploitation and solution development, as in the datathon and the hackathon, but will mainly aim for live co-creation activities. Other teams, people, organisations and project partners will vote on the polls submitted by a coding team that assists brainstorming in real-time. This process is lengthier and will allow competitors to bring new requirements into their solutions that were not thought of before.


Outcomes of MobiDataLab activities will be available for participants to use. They will also be allowed to use already existing solutions for which they have right of use.

In addition to the access to the MobiDataLab resources and the chance of showing your know-how, MobiDataLab foresees a price for the winners. The rules to obtain the price throughout the different events will be described here as soon they will be finalised by the organisation teams. Remember to check it out regularly…

How to join?

A registration form will be available here right after the hackathon, end of September 2023 – stay tuned!

The registered participants to the datathon and the hackathon will benefit from particular assistance to join the codagon, to ensure the continuity of all three events.