Join the MobiDataLab Hackathon in September 2023 to develop tools and processes improving mobility services with the exploitation of mobility data.

The Hackathon is the second event within the MobiDataLab’s Living & Virtual labs, where participants will develop new data analytics tools built with the resources of the MobiDataLab cloud (data, APIs or software). Participants will be also be required to demonstrate the application’s business model and the added value it brings for the stakeholders of the challenge.

The H2020 EU-funded MobiDataLab project provides the reference group (selected cities and mobility data providers and users) with a catalogue of data and services via the MobiDataLab Transport Cloud. 

The goal of the Hackathon is to generate usable technology based on the data and tools of the cloud. Data owners will receive information on the economic impact and potential uses as a result of data sharing upon which measurement of the data sharing culture will be executed.

Start-ups, developers, inventors, we need YOU here: Help us change the theory into practice!

Join us to dive into data potential and mobility services’ components, and contribute to challenges and solutions to increase the openness of mobility data in the EU.

Where and When?

Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of September
Hybrid: On-site in Paris & online

Venue: Makesense – 11 Rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris.

The place is located one street from Place de la Bastille and a few minutes’ walk from Gare de Lyon.

Who should participate?

  • SMEs
  • Technological solutions & Software engineers
  • Start-ups
  • Independent experts
  • Developers
  • Mobility enthusiasts who are looking to explore the world of shared mobility data and make them FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable)
Eligibility requirements
    • All backgrounds, genders, geographies, or company size
    • All skill levels
    • One representative email account for each team

Participate individually or as a team / organisation.

What should you bring with you?

  • Your laptop
  • Motivation to change the mobility data sharing ecosystem
  • Creativity

What is the objective?

The participants to the MobiDataLab hackathon are expected to develop new data analytics tools and services – which can take the form of an app, for example. These tools and services will contribute to make data a key input for mobility services improvement. Participants will be also required to demonstrate the business model and the added value of their solution for the mobility challenges presented to them and the stakeholders confronted with these challenges.

Hackathon activities focus on:
  • Experimentation
  • Data access
  • Data enrichment & combination
  • Development
Hackathon challenges look like:
  • Study how to better combine public transport and micro-mobility in Leuven
  • Assess the impact of Urban planning on mobility in Eindhoven
  • Find out how to adapt the transportation network for the Olympic games in Milan!


The MobiDataLab consortium will grant access to mobility data sets collected through publicly available portals and contacts with the MobiDataLab Reference Group (RG). Authorities in the RG have provided challenges related to mobility hiccups which could be solved through data exchange and exploitation.

Participants will be allowed to bring their existing application (e.g. making own services available) into the competition or create a new one that will support conclusion extraction and solutions provision. Furthermore, participants can connect their own data services and make them available for a broader community.

Note: Any intellectual property generated during the x-thons by the participants shall remain property of the participants.


In addition to the access to the MobiDataLab resources and the chance of showing your know-how, MobiDataLab will award prizes for the Hackathon winners. The rules to obtain the prizes throughout the different X-athons will be described in introduction to the event by the organization teams. The prizes are subject to applicable tax legislation.

1. The first-place winner, either a team or individual, will receive a prize of 5000€

2. The second-place holder will be awarded 2000€

3. The third-place winner will receive a prize of 1000€

How to join?

Applications are now closed.

  1. Create an Account or Sign-in at
  2. Fill Out and Submit the Application Form

The participants of the MobiDataLab Datathon of May 2023 are more than welcome to join the Hackathon as well, to ensure the MobiDataLab X-athons’ continuity.


For any question or remark about the hackathon, you can reach out to the organisers at