MobiDataLab is a project promoting and enabling a mobility data sharing culture in Europe. It is funded by the EU under the H2020 Research and Innovation Programme (grant agreement No 101006879). It is conducted by a consortium of 10 partners from 7 European countries, coordinated by AKKA, a French multinational engineering and technology consulting group. It started in February 2021 and will run for 3 years.

MobiDataLab will generate theoretical knowledge compiled in a Knowledge Base available on its website. It will also analyse concrete mobility use cases with relevant stakeholders and provide targeted recommendations. It will develop technical solutions, in particular a Transport Cloud prototype, to test data sharing technical enablers. It will finally facilitate the gathering of a community of stakeholders owning or exploiting mobility data.

If you are a local authority, a municipality, an association or another type of mobility data provider, you can reach out to us to join our Reference Group, which will provide use cases for the definition of new requirements concerning data sharing.
If you are a data user and innovator, you can join our coming open calls for entrepreneurs to exploit mobility data.
All types of stakeholders can join the Virtual and Living Labs to design and develop new concepts/ solutions, based on available data sets and data providers challenges, that generate value or efficiencies to end-users/ citizens/ corporates/ communities.