Where and When?

Berlin, May 2023


  • Data scientists
  • SMEs
  • Researchers
  • Independent experts

Interested stakeholders: to be announced…


The datathon expects insights and conclusions to be made, rather than developing services and applications. The aim is to exploit data sets provided by MobiDataLab experts, and produce insights and conclusions on how to best present and share this data.


The MobiDataLab consortium will grant access to mobility data sets collected through publicly available portals and contacts with the MobiDataLab Reference Group (RG). Authorities in the RG have provided challenges related to mobility hiccups which could be solved through data exchange and exploitation.

Participants will be allowed to bring their existing application into the competition or create a new one that will support conclusion extraction and solutions provision.

In addition to the access to the MobiDataLab resources and the chance of showing your know-how, MobiDataLab foresees a price for the winners of their X-athons. The rules to obtain the price throughout the different X-athons will be described here as soon they will be finalised by the organisation teams! Remember to check it out regularly…

How to join?

A registration form will be available here in April – stay tuned!