Join the MobiDataLab Datathon in May 2023 organized by HERE Technologies to support the enablement of mobility data sharing and usage

The Datathon is the first event within the MobiDataLab’s Living & Virtual labs, where participants will analyze the gaps and building bridges to break down barriers and enable EU-wide sharing of mobility data. It will be hybrid, open to participants from any EU Member State and H2020 Associated Countries.

The H2020 EU-funded MobiDataLab project provides the reference group (selected cities and mobility data providers and users) with a catalogue of data and services via the MobiDataLab Transport Cloud.

The Datathon’s key objectives are data analytics for mobility data provided by the MobiDataLab partners and Reference Group members, the development of related services, and improving the usage of sharable datasets within mobility-related challenges of cities and other stakeholders.

Data scientists, data experts, this is your time to shine! We need your experience with data to launch and elevate mobility services in the European Union.

Join us to dive into the growing available data sets, expand your data knowledge, and contribute to challenges and solutions to increase the openness of mobility data in the EU.

Where and When?

May 15 – 16
On-site in Berlin

Venue: Stellwerk Berlin – Schwartzkopffstraße 11, 10115 Berlin

  • Monday, 15th: Afternoon (starting at 2PM CET)
  • Tuesday, 16th: Full day + Evening
or Online

Connection information will be provided following the registration

Who should participate?

    • • Data scientists
      • Start-ups
      • SMEs
      • Researchers from mobility data science, geo informatics and related disciplines
      • Independent experts
      • Developers
      • Mobility enthusiasts who are looking to explore the world of shared mobility data and make them FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable)



Eligibility requirements

  • All backgrounds, genders, geographies, or company size
  • All skill levels
  • On-site and virtual participants
  • One representative email account for each team

Participate individually or as a team / organisation

What should you bring with you?

  • Your laptop
  • Motivation to change the mobility data sharing ecosystem
  • Creativity

What is the objective?

The MobiDataLab Datathon seeks insights into mobility data in the following categories:

  • How is data being shared?
  • Is it aligned with the FAIR principle (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable)?
  • What about data quality and freshness?
  • What data is missing?
  • Which use-cases can be solved with the available data?
  • Are the current standards sufficient to enable solution building?

Overall, the aim is to analyze data sets provided by MobiDataLab experts and produce insights and conclusions on how to best present and share this data.

Datathon activities focus on:
  • Exploration 
  • Experimentation
  • Data access 
  • Data enrichment & combination
Datathon challenges look like:
  • Study how to better combine public transport and micro-mobility in Leuven
  • Assess the impact of Urban planning on mobility in Eindhoven
  • Find out how to adapt the transportation network for the Olympic games in Milan!


The MobiDataLab consortium will grant access to mobility data sets collected through publicly available portals and contacts with the MobiDataLab Reference Group (RG). Authorities in the RG have provided challenges related to mobility hiccups which could be solved through data exchange and exploitation.

Participants will be allowed to bring their existing application (e.g. making own services available) into the competition or create a new one that will support conclusion extraction and solutions provision. Furthermore, participants can connect their own data services and make them available for a broader community.

Note: Any intellectual property generated during the x-thons by the participants shall remain property of the participants.


In addition to the access to the MobiDataLab resources and the chance of showing your know-how, MobiDataLab will award prizes for the Datathon winners. The rules to obtain the prizes throughout the different X-athons will be described here as soon they will be finalized by the organization teams. The prizes are subject to applicable tax legislation.

1. The first-place winner, either a team or individual, will receive a prize of 2000€

2. The second-place holder will be awarded 800€

3. The third-place winner will receive a prize of 400€

How to apply?

Applications are now closed.

The application for the Datathon runs via our project partner, the F6S network. F6S is Europe’s largest start-up and entrepreneurs’ network with the leading platform for application management for commercial, corporate, government, university, and other accelerator programs. 

  1. Create an Account or Sign-in at
  2. Fill Out and Submit the Application Form.


For any question or remark about the datathon, you can reach out to the organisers at