You are currently viewing MobiDataLab Second Webinar: Methodologies and Data-based Technology Solutions for Improved Urban Mobility
  • 22 Nov 2022 14:00 » 22 Nov 2022 15:30 | Online
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Join us online on November 22 at 14:00 to hear about the solutions developed in EU-funded research projects for the improvement of data sharing as a mean to improve mobility systems in cities.

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This webinar aims to bring together mobility stakeholders (transport authorities, mobility-oriented networks, and both data providers and data consumers) to find innovative solutions to concrete problems using open data as a tool, as well as to accelerate the replication of existing innovative mobility solutions.

Mobility data sharing is not fully satisfactory nowadays, meaning that the quality and availability of data are not sufficient to support the change towards a new mobility paradigm. On the other hand, despite the success of early pilot projects, there is still a gap in terms of transferring innovative solutions to different contexts, cities and regions.

This webinar is being organized by MobiDataLab with the support of SYN+AIRSoBigData++, and RECIPROCITY, and will present methodologies and tools that foster the development of a mobility data-sharing culture in Europe, and effective ways to implement their respective smart city strategies and community initiatives.


2:00 pm Welcome and Introduction | Danijel Pavlica (F6S)

2:05 pm MobiDataLab’s Transport Cloud | Thierry Chevallier (AKKODIS)

2:20 pm SYN+AIR Technology Solution | Ismini Stroumpou (Sparsity Technologies)

2:35 pm SoBigData++ Technology Solution | Luca Pappalardo (ISTI-CNR)

2:50 pm RECIPROCITY Project Methodology | Marcell Romsics (Zone Cluster)

3:05 pm General Q&A Session and Farewell | Danijel Pavlica (F6S)