Last month, the consortium partners gathered in beautiful Pisa, Italy, to review the achievements of the last 6 months and project tasks for the next time period. After the presentation of all Work Packages, partners were divided into parallel workshops on specific topics to launch collaboration on coming tasks. The Project Officer attended parts of the meeting to give feedback on the project results and set the half-way review meeting dates and place.

The activity was quite intense in the project in months 7 to 12 (August 2021 to January 2022). The main results can be summarized in three key topics, where deliverables, meetings, back-end technical work, and desktop research supported great achievements.

Data sharing regulatory framework

Data sharing environmental & societal impacts

Development of the transport cloud

MobiDataLab partners submitted in January 2022 a deliverable analyzing the regulatory framework and legal gaps for data sharing and re-use in the transport sector. 

One challenge identified is the privacy requirement, leading to the development of data anonymization mechanisms in the project. 

Another aspect is the definition of standards for data sharing, which is the topic of discussions with Reference group members, in addition to the development of a specific deliverable.

Data governance is a third issue which MobiDataLab partners address fully in an assessment and gap analysis report submitted in April 2022.

In November 2021, MobiDataLab partners submitted a deliverable analyzing the gaps between supply and demand in terms of transport data sharing. This analysis supports the research of viable business models for the Future Transport Cloud, of which a prototype is developed in the project.

In addition, an assessment of data sharing consequences on the environment and society is conducted. The method for this assessment is included in a deliverable submitted in April 2022.

MobiDataLab designs a Transport Cloud Prototype. The first version of the prototype was submitted in January 2022. Next to a technical solution, this first version includes a description of the actors, the information flow, and the candidate technologies to be evaluated for the implementation of the transport cloud.

MobiDataLab partners also develop a reference data catalogue, collecting data from the project reference group members but also other stakeholders. This data catalogue is confronted with the RG members as data providers in a dedicated online workshop on April 26. The objective is to increase their capacity to share data, as well as their motivation, with the development of relevant services based on the shared data. 

In the next period, the living labs will be prepared. The transport cloud, data catalogue and data sharing services must be ready for the different instances taking place in 2023: datathon, hackathon, and codagon. The potential impact of these instances must be anticipated to be measured and enhanced. The right stakeholder community must be gathered to ensure MobiDataLab has a positive consequence on data sharing in the transport sector. 

These were the topics addressed in the parallel workshops at the end of the general assembly. These sessions set the grounds for the coming six months before the interim review meeting.

More updates coming soon!