Data sharing in the transport and mobility industries has begun to rise in recent years as stakeholders try to address key issues and challenges through collaboration.

MobiDataLab aims to analyse the state-of the-art of data sharing initiatives and enhance the potential impact of digitalisation and data sharing on different actors and areas of mobility.

The task 3.1 “Actors’ needs and cooperation framework report” aims to explore the market in terms of the actors’ relationships and needs, and to describe a proposed cooperation framework inside a virtual data exchange ecosystem.

During the task, a Delphi survey and an innovators questionnaire were conducted.

  1. The Delphi Survey process attempted to explore the actors’ landscape and aimed to create an exhaustive list of actors interested in data sharing. Along these lines, the Delphi survey’s purpose was to acquire industry knowledge by industry experts and break down the data sharing challenges along with actor’s needs.
  2. The second questionnaire was addressed to innovators of the industry (including start-ups and SMEs) and aimed to explore their needs and motivation to join a data sharing ecosystem. The expected result of our research is the creation of a data sharing cooperation framework for multiple actors in the transportation industry.

Through the literature review and the questionnaires’ analysis, several challenges were identified that can be addressed through data sharing, like data interoperability and data quality.

Also, an exhaustive list of actors that would be able to enhance their products/services by participating in data sharing activities and their needs has been created. The 3 most important actors for data exchange are:

  • public administrations,
  • public transport operators,
  • mobility service providers.


Interestingly, it was noted that even actors that are active in industries other than transportation could also benefit by accessing transport data. Consequently, their relationships have been analysed and a cooperation framework that could work as a starting point for data sharing has been proposed. Through the 2 questionnaires, the most important data needed for exchange were identified, and these are:

  1. Real-time demand in public and private transport
  2. Demand analysis through mobility habits
  3. Geolocation data on parking availability
  4. Real-time schedule updates in public transport
  5. Delays and disruptions in public transport
  6. Traffic Data

These results will serve as a basis for the analysis of gaps and the definition of functions to be fulfilled by the prototype services developed in MOBIDATALAB.

More detailed results of the work conducted can be found in this report.

The complete deliverable related to actors’ needs and cooperation frameworks is now available on our website – check out our Publication page !