MobiDataLab partners AKKA, POLIS and representatives from the collaborating projects DataPorts welcomed about 50 interested stakeholders on a well-positioned stand at the Transport Research Arena in Lisbon this week.

We discussed a lot over 4 complete days of a really exciting conference: explaining the purpose of both projects, presenting our activity and our standpoint in its development, clarifying the scope of data covered by each project. While MobiDataLab develops a data sharing framework and services mostly for public transport and traffic data, DataPorts focuses on logistics data.

Our stand, showcasing videos and posters, attracted several key stakeholders for the project. Other research projects working on data, technical enablers and exploitation stimulated potential collaborations. Technical representatives of transport operators and solution providers challenged our transport cloud prototype and pushed us to reflect on our methods. High-level representatives from national and European mobility data organisations learnt about our expected outcomes and thought with us of potential further exploitation.

Questions addressed our technical challenges and the solutions we found or are testing, the limits of our scope in terms of data types, and the services we can provide or aim to develop, as well as our method for this. Interested visitors also asked about standards and expected compliance processes, with direct and concrete talks. Finally, we also covered the technological maturity of our developments and the testing environment we work in.

Overall, the stand activity was very productive. National stakeholders expressed interest in our reference group, and we built good contacts for further collaboration, especially in view or our living lab instances of 2023. This was already a good follow-up on the NAPCORE Days where MobiDataLab networked and participated in shaping standards for future data sharing processes.

Big challenges are coming for our project, and TRA 2022 definitely helps us prepare for them!