• 28 Feb 2024 10:00 » 28 Feb 2024 11:30 | Online at https://eu01web.zoom.us/j/63267425070 | Upcoming events 

    Data-Driven Horizons: MobiDataLab’s Final Showcase

    Missed our final conference? Sad to hear MobiDataLab is approaching the end? FEAR NOT! We prepared for you a great last bouquet of all the flavours we have rigorously worked on as bees collecting honey drops to build a hive. Let's connect with us one last time and bring all results towards further stages together.
  • 28 Nov 2023 09:00 » 28 Nov 2023 14:00 | Promotiezaal, KU Leuven, Leuven | Upcoming events 

    MobiDataLab’s Grand Finale – Where Solutions Drive Mobility’s Future

    Join us for a day of insights, innovation, and collaboration at the MobiDataLab Conference, an exciting exploration of the transformative power of data in the mobility industry!
  • 06 Nov 2023 11:00 » 27 Nov 2023 18:00 | Online and in Leuven, Belgium | Upcoming events 

    MobiDataLab Codagon: Unleash your innovation potential!

    Join the MobiDataLab Codagon in November to unleash your innovation potential!
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