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MobiDataLab has finalised the creation of the virtual lab platform. Find all details in our report on the establishment of the virtual in the publication section.

And have a taste of what expects you below…

The Virtual Lab is a tool for the testing of the MobiDataLab Transport Cloud. It includes functionalities such as forums, polling, live data exchanges and more. Through the course of the project, three complete versions of the Virtual Lab will be developed: feedback collected from the Virtual Lab usage by the living labs participants along with improvements and updates will be incorporated in the two following platform versions.


Since the Virtual Lab platform will be an extension of the Transport Cloud, focusing on the User Interface and social aspects of the entire realm of the MobiDataLab solutions, a thorough investigation of platforms which have similar features and goals was executed. A list was established, with advantages and disadvantages for each.

Then, the architecture of the MobiDataLab Virtual Lab was defined, using partners’ experience of such platforms. It was decided that the Virtual lab platform would be implemented with a microservices architecture, as it consists of many services which must be handled separately. Microservices are independent applications/services that run on their own environment with no dependency from the rest of software.

Finally, technologies were chosen and combined to provide better performance, security, development time.


Virtual Lab is the virtual counterpart of a physical living lab. Hence, the platform must follow all the principles of a physical living lab, such as experiment, evaluate, co-create. Therefore, it must allow users to discuss their problems publicly, to comment on interesting posts, to vote on solutions and also to have access to tools and datasets.

Use cases have been defined to describe the functionalities which must be enabled by the virtual lab platform, along with the users who must be able to access these functionalities.


The Virtual Lab platform will be used and tested by the living labs participants in all three instances (#datathon, #hackathon, #codagon).

Stay tuned to become a first user!