You are currently viewing MobiDataLab Webinar Insights: Fostering a data-sharing culture for better mobility in Europe

Data sharing in the transport and mobility industries has begun to rise as stakeholders such as transport authorities, operators and other mobility actors try to address critical issues and challenges through collaboration. Fostering such a culture is, thus, instrumental to having a more sustainable and interconnected Europe, based on quality, accessible and usable mobility data.

MobiDataLab is supporting this data sharing culture in Europe, and it organised a webinar to get and share some key insights on (i) who are the relevant actors for mobility data sharing, how lack of data impacts them and what are their needs (and get to know some proposals on how they can collaborate to address those challenges) and (ii) what is the current status of the mobility data sharing market – which are the companies, products and services already operating in Europe.

MobiDataLab was also joined by other relevant EU Projects to discuss the challenges and opportunities of data sharing between actors in the transport, mobility, and other sectors. If you have missed the webinar, you can watch the video recording here: